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Manscape Your Beard



10 Tips for Manscaping Your Face


10) Exfoliate with a gentle scrub. This will remove the layer of dead skin cells and allow hair to grow in evenly.


9) Soften hairs before shaving by using a warm water rinse followed by a high quality and lubricating shave cream. Allow the cream to sit on face for a few minutes before taking blade to it.


8) Take your time when shaving to avoid nicks, cuts and abrasions which will irritate skin and increase razor bumps.


7)  Always shave in the direction of the hair growth to avoid irritation and ingrown hairs.


6)  Follow shave with an after shave that contains aloe to cut down on redness and discomfort.


5)  Replace your blades every 5-6 uses. Using dull blades increases your chances of ingrown hairs and irritated skin.


4)  Reduce shaving frequency and give the skin time to heal. This will allow hairs to grow in straight and allow you to sport a manly layer of stubble.


3)  Resist the urge to pluck ingrown hairs.


2)  Maintain stubble with a quality trimmer.


1) Avoid waxes, sprays and conditioners to soften stubble which irritate skin and clog pores. We suggest using The Soft Goat to exfoliate, prevent ingrown hairs, and keep stubble soft and touchable for your loved ones. P.S. The Soft Goat works on softening body hair stubble as well.

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